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Indoor plumbing is one of the beauties of living in the modern world, but problems with toilets are notoriously messy, annoying, and challenging to fix. A homeowner’s worst nightmare can be flushing the toilet only to see the contents flowing back towards them.

Overflowing and clogging toilets are only some of many problems a toilet can bring, though. You may also see issues like:

  • Weak flushes due to hard water deposits
  • Partial flushing
  • Tanks that keep filling up and leaking water inside
  • Low toilet bowl water levels
  • Slow-filling tanks
  • Dripping toilet tanks
  • Gurgling sounds in the bathtub or sink when you flush
  • Phantom “flushes” where the tank refills due to a leak
  • Leaking seals

If you’re experiencing these, or other issues with your toilet, contact us immediately. PlumbV has expert repairmen available every day to address all manner of problems. Whether you are in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, or the surrounding areas, we can be there quickly.

Do not let your toilet create a disgusting mess. Ignoring a toilet that is acting up can lead to damage to wood or tile, or much worse. Call us for prompt and professional toilet plumbing assistance at (919) 932-8890.

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